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In the Minor Divisions (Boys & Girls, 8-10) and Major Girls Division (11&12), offensively, all players shall be placed in a continuous batting order, defensively, they shall play three consecutive innings.  All other Little League Players must play at least three consecutive defensive innings and bat at least once during each game played.  Substitutions shall be made in the bottom of the third inning with the exception of Senior Leagues.  In the event that a player does not play three consecutive defensive innings and get to bat at least once due to shortened game, that player shall start the next game.  Violations of this rule will result in the automatic suspension of the Manger for one game on the first offense, and two games on the second offense.  The third offense will result in the automatic termination of the manager.  The only exception to this rule will be for disciplinary reasons.  A Manager may bench a player for disciplinary reasons providing he or she notifies the Director of that player’s division prior to the benching.  The Director must then notify the President or the Vice President before the player is benched.



Girls pitching rules follow the rules as defined in the Little League Rulebook with the following exceptions:

  • In the Minor Girls Division, a maximum of 6innings a week may be pitched
  • In the Major Girls Division, a maximum of 9 innings a week may be pitched
  • In the Senior Girls Division, a maximum of 15 innings may be pitched.  (This rule is for in-house play only and does not apply to travel teams)


All Boys divisions shall follow the pitch count rules as outlined in the Little League rule book and discussed in further detail within the Little League Pitch Count Regulation Guide. 



Minor Divisions (Boy’s & Girls) and Major Girl’s division shall field TEN players defensively; however, a minimum of NINE players on each team is needed to play the game.  If one team has only nine players and the opposing team has ten or more players, if agreed upon by both managers, one team may play with nine and the other with ten players.  The Manager of a team with nine players shall have the option of borrowing a tenth player.  All rules within Section VI must be followed when borrowing a player.


Major, Junior and Senior Division baseball as well as Senior Division Softball shall field NINE players both offensively and defensively.


In all Divisions each team shall be limited to six infield players consisting of a pitcher, catcher, 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases and a shortstop.  (The infield/outfield is to be determined by the back edge of the “dirt” area).



In all divisions:  When a team is short players, the manager will notify the Director of their division. The Director will assign a player from a pool of available players in the Division.  The Director must first get permission from the parents and manager of the player.

  • Borrowed players must play in accordance with Rule III playing time, if a regular player shows up they will take the batting order position of the borrowed player once playing time requirements are met and the borrowed player is removed from the lineup.
  • Borrowed Players shall play outfield positions only.
  • Borrowed players shall not participate in the borrowing team’s practices.
  • No more than three players shall be borrowed for any one game.
  • Borrowed players must wear their own regular team uniform.



If within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time, a manager cannot field a team, the game shall not be forfeited but will be rescheduled.



Only five (5) runs may be scored per half inning, with the exception of the last inning where there is no run limit.  The last inning does not necessarily mean the 6th inning (7th for Junior or Senior Divisions).  For time constraints, the last inning may be adjusted by the umpire and both managers.



Minor Division:

Games will be scheduled 2 hours and 45 minutes apart in the minor division when possible.  Starting time weekdays (Monday-Friday) will be at 5:30pm.  Saturday games will start at 9:15am, 12pm, 2:45pm, 5:30pm and 7:45pm.  Sunday games will start at 12pm. 2:45pm and 5:30pm

         Major Division:

Games will be scheduled 2 hours apart.  Starting time weekdays (Monday-Friday) will be at 5:30pm or 7pm.  Saturday games will start at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.  Sunday games will start at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm.


Night Games (Field 1 & 2)

Whenever a night game is scheduled, the 5:30pm game shall not begin a new inning after 7:30pm.  Starting time for all night games will be 7:45pm.  All night games must follow the 2 hour and 15 minute time limit from the start of the game.



A new inning may not begin when 2 hours and 15 minutes have elapsed (2 hours when a night game is scheduled following) from the actual start of the game.  Therefore, if a game is delayed, the following game will be timed from the actual start of the game.  The Umpire’s watch shall be official time.



If a team is ahead by 15 runs or more, and the games is stopped due to the expired time limit referred to in rule X then the team shall be declared the winner.  The game will not be re-scheduled.  If after 5 innings, (6 in Jr & Sr divisions) one team has a lead of 15 runs or more, the Manger of the team with the least runs will concede the victory to the opponent.



All playoff and championship games must be played out until complete.  All other regular season games must follow the rules regarding “Completed Games” found in the “Williamsport Rule Book”.



All games will be scheduled or rescheduled by the President, Vice President and Directors.  Games must be played when scheduled, whether or not the Manager can attend.  If the Manager cannot attend, he/she should have a coach, parent or someone else take over the team provided an approved volunteer form is on file with the league.



The home team shall occupy the first base dugout.  Each team is responsible for keeping its own dugout clean.  Only team players, the Manager and (2) Coaches may be in the dugout at any one time.



Two balls will be provided for each minor and major game.  Three balls will be proved for each junior and senior game.  The home team will provide any other balls as needed.  The home team shall receive the game ball(s) at the completion of the game.



Don’t assume that a game has been rained out.  Always show up unless notified.  A league official will notify each Manager of Rain-Outs whenever possible.  If you are not at home, call your Division Director, the Little League field at 789-8885, or check the Little League Website at



Batting donuts or any similar objects that may fly off the end of bats are forbidden.  Soft Toss is not allowed on any of the Little League Fields.  At no time will a player be allowed to swing a bat inside or immediately outside the dugout.  All players will remain inside the dugout until it is their time to bat. 



1.Any personal or derogatory statements towards players by the fans, opposing team or ANYONE, are strictly forbidden.  Also anyone who yells, “swing” to the batter will be warned first, and if it continues, be removed from the games and/or park.

2.If a player, manager or coach is ejected from the game, violates pitching eligibility rules, or is found to be in any way in violation of Little League rules or our Local Rules, the President after consulting with the Vice-President and the Director of the Division involved, will exercise one of the three options: 1) Suspension for the following game, or 2) A longer suspension, or 3) Termination



Any player that is benched by his/her doctor will not be allowed to participate in games or practice until the League receives a written release from the doctor.



  • The Manager is in charge of the Team and is also responsible for the enforcement of all rules and regulations.
  • All Managers will supply their Director with the name, address, phone number and completed volunteer forms of their coaches within 1 week following the draft. 
  • No Manager or Coach who relinquishes his/her position will return to that team as a Manager or Coach unless their return has no effect on the movement of players.
  • All Coaches will be named after the draft and prior to the start of the season.
  • Any Manager of a team can only act in the capacity of a third Coach on a Second team.
  • Any Manager that does not turn in uniforms or equipment may not be eligible to coach the following year.
  • All Managers should record their score results and pitcher information in the binders located in each concession stand as well as report the games results and highlights to the Finger Lakes times for publishing.



  • Only Team Managers are allowed in the draft.  An alternate is allowed in the case the manager can not attend the draft
  • Only Team Managers will receive an “automatic” pick in the draft for their children.
  • No automatic picks of children of potential coaches is allowed
  • Teams drafting a sibling will receive the other sibling(s) as “automatic” picks in the appropriate age portion of the draft.
  • All automatic picks are in the 2nd round of the appropriate age group of the draft and continue to the third if multiple siblings are involved.
  • If in the event a division needs to be adjusted due to an imbalance of numbers or if there is a need to add a team, a total redraft will take place in the affected division.



All grounds within the Geneva Little League complex are smoke free.  Anyone saw smoking will be asked to stop immediately.



  • To teach their team Sportsmanship, Discipline, Safety at all times and The Basic Skills of baseball/softball
  • The use of Alcohol or Illegal drugs is strictly forbidden when participating in any Little League activities
  • To select a coach to assist with their duties and to notify their division director as to their selection
  • To participate in work projects that are needed at our field
  • To assist in all fund raising projects needed in order for our program to operate.  To control and turn in all funds raised properly.
  • Each team’s parents will be assigned a time to operate the concession stands.  (No one under the age of 18 will work the grill or fryer).
  • To act pleasantly to other managers, coaches, parents, kids and all other league personnel.
  • To respect our umpire staff at all times, keeping a cool head, and refraining from any abusive actions to any umpire at any time.
  • To report all team injuries to their Division Director, President or Vice President, and the Safety Officer.
  • To be responsible for league equipment and uniforms by treating equipment with care and turning in all equipment and uniforms at the end of the season.
  • All Managers will be required to sign and follow the Code of Conduct established by Geneva Little League.  The Manager will require all coaches, parents and players to sign and follow the Code of Conduct established by Geneva Little League.
  • Only players registered with Geneva Little League will be allowed to play on a GLL team.
  • To hold an informational meeting with players and parents before the team’s first practice.
  • Any Manager may have as many coaches as needed, but during the game, only the Manager and (2) two coaches may be in the dugout at one time.




Our Little League Program is meant to be a fun recreational program for all Managers, Coaches and Players.  All League personnel must keep this in mind at all times.



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